Financial Aid

Storm FC Financial Aid Application

A financial aid program is available to all players who are members of the Storm FC Soccer Club.  Financial aid funding is limited and will only be applied to the season registration fee.  Storm FC has determined that financial aid eligibility will be based on eligibility and acceptance for free and reduced price meals in accordance with Cheney School District policy or any other school district attended by the player.

To be eligible for financial aid with Storm FC, you must provide a copy of the letter confirming your acceptance into the “free or reduce lunch” program for the current school your.  No other financial information is required.

Date of Application _______________

Player Name _____________________________________________

Player Birthdate _________________

Team (age and gender) _____________

Amount of Financial Aid Requested ____________

Family Information:

Parent/Guardian _________________________

Mailing Address _________________________________________

City/State/Zip __________________________________________

Phone (        )___________________

I , the undersigned, hereby state all of the above information to be true and correct.

Signature of Parent/Guardian ________________________________