Playing Time Policy

Each player will receive a minimum of 10 minutes playing time per half. While some players will play more, substantial playing time will occur for everyone on the roster. At the younger developmental ages, players should be exposed to as much of the game as possible.

A player is selected because we believe they can add value to the team, while reaping benefits from being a part of the group. Our club places an extreme importance on the time spent in the training/practice environment. This is where players and coaches will spend the majority of their time with the club. A player adds value by making the team better in training first, games second. The player reaps benefits by being in a better training environment. This is what must be of utmost importance to players, coaches and parents.

Storm FC is based on player development, which comes from training, instruction and competition. The majority of instruction and competition comes within the training environment…the game is the reward! The amount of game contributions a player is able to make to the team will be based on many factors, with the main factor being what the player makes of the training opportunities provided to them. In other words, “how” they do at training, how often they do it, and their attitude in doing so.

There are a few situations where results are paramount. The best way for any player to learn how to play in pressure situations is to actually play in tight games, not from the bench. When a player enters a game, they need to have time to make an impact and contribute to the game. They cannot do this if they only play a few minutes each time. Like all players, weaker players should be given specific simple instructions when they go in. If you pull them out for a reason, make sure you explain to them why and ask if they understand. If not, they will struggle to learn what is expected of them and lose confidence in themselves and respect for you.

Playing time decisions will always be based on the best interest of the team keeping in mind: evaluating training habits, individual abilities, attitude, prior contributions, strength of opponent, among other factors. If a player attended practices and trained to the standards set by the coach and club, then they earn the opportunity to play in the game.


Last Updated: August 4th, 2014