Team Captain Policy

Captains are an essential part to any team. At younger ages it is important to always explain in simple terms the responsibilities of a captain and what makes a good captain. Try to have 2 captains for every game and rotate them. Reward players that worked hard in practice and showed up for all training sessions. Only make players a captain if they exhibit the values and expectations of our club. Some players that want to be a captain but haven’t proven it yet, use this a means to motivate this player. If they follow through reward them. Make sure you let the team know who the captains are and even why.

Older teams, 14 and above, it is good to have consistent players that are great leaders as captains for an entire season. Have the team vote but the coach will ultimately choose. It is important for the team to be involved in the selection of players that will lead them in training and games. Just as it is important to have a player feel comfortable being a captain, the same is true of how a team feels about who is leading them. As teams get older, give more responsibilities to the captains. If they abuse it, then take it away. Remind them it is a privilege. It should be an honor to lead a storm team as a captain. Any player that accepts this role needs to understand this.


Last Updated: August 4th, 2014